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Achieve Any Goal with These 4 Steps

US Women’s National Team midfielder Carli Lloyd visualized herself scoring a bunch of goals in the World Cup final in 2015. She netted three in the first 16 minutes of play to propel USA to victory. She got her goals. Literally. Here's how you can, too.

Carli Lloyd USA Women's World Cup

Carli Lloyd USA Women's World Cup

Use Visualization to Achieve Your Goals, Too 

“There’s a four step process that when applied, works wonders in helping you achieve your goals,” says Life Coach, Anne Deidre. “Whether it’s the World Cup, losing weight or starting your own business, whatever you want to do, you can!”

The 4 Step Process To Achieve Any Goal

  1. Get An Idea – Pay attention to those light bulbs that go off in your head. Dream big and set your goal.

  2. Visualize It As If It’s REAL – Imagine you are already doing what you set your sights on and, here’s the key, feel the feelings that come with it. See it and feel it as if it is already a part of your life. What emotions are running through you when you put on your dream jeans and they fit? When you open your doors for business?

  3. Map Out Your Plan – Get a calendar out and pen, not pencil, in time for you to work towards your goal. Even if you are a busy mom, you can carve out time. Plan meals in advance, schedule activities in advance and STICK TO IT.

  4. Take Action – Because you’ve been thinking, seeing, feeling and planning for your success, by the time you take action, everything is in alignment. What you do will flow effortlessly, moving your goal closer and closer until you can reach out and grab it!

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