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How Your Small Business Could Attract Independent Contributors

Most people who are brave enough to set up their own small business have some form of adequate multitasking skills. However many small businesses get stuck and find that they don’t see growth. You may not be seeing a decline in sales and dissatisfaction from customers, but you just can’t seem to break through a monthly target. You as the business owner are the main voice in deciding what direction the products and services your company provides go. However, a lack of different voices can slow the efficiency of a business down and damage a company’s appeal. Enlisting the services of people who can bring a fresh, new perspective to your small business can inject a much-needed dosage of innovation.

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Attracting Professionals

First and foremost you must have multiple reasons for independent professionals to work with you. Free agents in the world of business are more than likely looking for two things:  a challenge that they can sink their teeth into, and a reliable employer with a valid payment scheme.

Researching, developing and making a new product, something which your business has never tried, is a great incentive for independents. It shows you’re expanding and you’re serious about a new project, therefore, the jobs that you will offer will have some kind of short-term permanency.

A contract is a very serious agreement in the world of employment and especially in the world of business. You could show the pool of talent you have all your ducks in order and ready to go with a carefully written temporary contract and/or job advertisement, you may see an overflow of applicants all vying to please your needs.

Supply, Order and Payment

You also need to show you’re good for payment. It’s not just the challenges of your project that should be alluring, but the instantaneous and modern form of paying wages.

When you allocated them a task, you’re essentially ordering from a supplier. The supplier will give you back completed work in the desired fashion, thus adding to a project’s completion. You’ll then be given an invoice by the freelancer for the amount of work they have completed for you.

For a consistent and trustworthy technology that can decipher invoices without the need for manual input,  get answers at This type of services eliminates the need for an accounts payable department because it can read and automate all of the figures and names on invoices.

If you like the manual approach, I prefer PayPal's invoice system.

Becoming Part of the Team

Finally, the temporary part-time or freelancer staff you hire should be made to feel a part of the regular working staff. Human relationships in business are crucial to a smooth running machine and to prevent hiccups due to the lack of communication.

You could offer the option of working in your offices so the hire can take part in the decision making. This also gives you a chance to see whether a short-term role can be transitioned into a permanent full-time role. You may find that taking freelancers to business expos, presentations and pitches will also tighten them into the fabric of your business and allow you to get the best out of them.


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