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5 Services Every Successful Freelancer Should Bring on Board

  In the wonderful world of freelance work, you’re often alone. You’re your own boss, you don’t work for a company, and that can be incredibly freeing. But at the same time, life as a freelancer can also be a little lonely.

More often than not, we believe that we’re going to need to work by ourselves and a lot of the time you will. But, at the same time, if you want to grow and be successful, you can bring in external services to help you.

Graphic Design

First up, there’s graphic design. Perhaps you want to be able to offer a full-service to your clients, but you’re not so great on the graphic front? Well, then you can bring in a freelance graphic designer to help you do that.

You can utilize their skills when your clients need graphics, and they may then want to utilize yours if their clients need content. You'll find your relationship with a graphic designer can be a great way to push your freelancing business forward. At the same time, you can utilize their help for graphics on your website and within your marketing and portfolio too.

IT Support

As a freelancer, it’s safe to say that you spend a lot of your time working on your computer. So if you were to have an issue with it, software or hardware, it’s going to be a huge problem. Not only can it slow you down and kill your productivity, but it may even cost you clients or lose work - and that’s something you’ll always want to avoid.

Bringing in IT support, with someone such as Houk Consulting, is a great way to play it safe. They take on the support for you, so you can just get on with your work.

Financial Support

How are you with numbers? If you’re not great with the financial side of things, then bringing in an accountant is going to save you time. If you hire the right accountant, you’ll save money in the long-run too.

Virtual Assistance

Maybe you’re spending a lot of time replying to emails and organizing information? When this is the case, you’re probably reducing your rate by far too much! And you may also be killing your productivity levels. So bring in a virtual assistant. By hiring a VA, they can do all this for you on a set hourly rate, so you can focus on your work.

Marketing Support

Finally, there’s marketing support. And there are a range of marketers you could hire. Obviously, you can do your own content, but you may find that it pays to bring someone in to find clients to save you time too!


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