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Stuck In A Rut? 3 Awesome Ways To Grow Your Freelance Business

Stuck In A Rut? 3 Awesome Ways To Grow Your Freelance Business

The life of a freelancer is a roller coaster ride. One month you may be swamped with writing projects, SEO jobs and copy to produce. You might be working flat out, ten hours a day and then chasing the mountain of invoices that follow. While these may be manic months, these are productive months that can see you through those other periods that descend into a lull.


You may have days where you are twiddling your thumbs, with only the odd short-term project and plenty of tumbleweed moments on your hands. How can you strive for more equilibrium in your freelance working life? Take a look at these ways you can mitigate against the lulls and grow your freelance business.

Show Your Credibility

Many clients need to read the positive testimonials from your previous clients and see examples of your work before they part with their hard-earned cash and entrust you with a writing project, so be sure they are easy to find.

Some writers even go one step further, and create some fake check stubs that can demonstrate how much you may earn in a given month. Now, I don't advocate lying, but you may want to create a graph of recent earning that you can show clients. 

By providing this evidence, you can fill your potential customer with confidence. They want to utilize a busy writer in high demand, not someone scrambling for every job they can get.

Expand Your Repertoire


You may be experiencing a lull because you simply don’t have all the skills that clients are looking for in your armory. If you are a travel blogger, it’s vital that you hone this niche skill, for example. 

However, if a client is requesting high-quality content for SEO driven copy, you don’t want to be turning clients away because this is outside your sphere of comfort. Get on a course and develop your knowledge. Become adept at keywords and public relations press releases as well as having your trusty travel blogging skills to fall back on.

Think about offering bundles to elongate projects. If you charge $80 per 500-word article, think about providing a package of ten for the price of eight. The client feels like they have a good deal, and you have a solid influx of cash and some steady work.

Use Social Media


If you haven’t got a Twitter, Facebook or Instagram account, you need to sign up to these platforms as soon as you’ve finished reading this. The power of social media cannot be underestimated in the twenty-first century.

This free online marketing can act as your advertising platform, your marketing campaign and your review site. Potential clients will head straight to Facebook to see if you have a page, seek out examples of your work and read what your clients have to say about you. If you’ve worked with big names, shout about it on your social media feeds. You need to be visible, relevant and able to persuade any potential client with a writing job to come to you rather than your competition.

Going freelance isn’t an easy process, and while you’re learning the ropes, you’ll find that you need to utilize every opportunity you have to obtain writing jobs. Persevere, remain visible and upskill yourself to grow your freelance business.

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