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Why Content Writing Isn't Stealing Pay from "Journalists"

I was just over reading Felicia A. Williams' blog and her post about a scathing email she received from a reader. In the email the lady berated her for ever working at Demand Studios. Apparently this lady believes that working for DS and other sites drives down the rate for more "professional writers." I've gotten emails like this and have heard this complaint far and wide by "journalists."

I'm not buying it.

That's like saying if you work for McDonald's you're driving down the earnings of a fancy restaurant down the street. Umm. No. McDonald's serves to a different clientele than the fancy restaurant. The same goes for web writing and print. They're different dishes served to different types of people.
And just like some people can only find a job at McDonald in this bad economy, some writers can only find work with content sites. Do workers at McDonald's get scathing emails from people who work at that fancy restaurant? Umm. No. So what makes someone think that they can attack a content writers way to feed their family?

The mind boggles at the rudeness of people.

Granted, I work for a hire rate now, but my days writing for content sites saved my family from going hungry many times when the jobs were scarce. If you don't like content sites that's fine, but don't berate someone for just trying to feed their family.

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