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When to Do Freelance Assignments

Let's say you have several clients. That means you have several projects that need to be done at a certain time. So, when do you do what? I have a method I like for sorting out my writing schedule. 
Do I need money right away? If so, I choose to power through assignments that pay me sooner. The ones that pay me on publication or next month are put on the back burner.
If fast cash isn't an issue, I go by my pay-per-day guideline. Each month I decide how much money I need to make, then I divide that number by the amount of days I want to work. For example, if I decide I need to make $2,000 this month, but only work 26 days (that means I get two days off each week) my math would be: 
$2000/26=$76.92. So, each day I will strive to do projects that earn me around $80 dollars (I round off to the nearest tenth).
Okay, this method can be a little confusing, so I'll give you an example. Say I have a client that needs a $20 blog post done, another client that needs a $200 article done and a client that needs a $75 article done. Now, I could do the $75 article and a quick Demand Studio article and be done for the day. Or, I could do the $20 blog and around a third of the $200 article to reach my goal. I like to mix and match to fit my moods. 
It sounds complicated, but it works for my needs.
Do you have a method? Let me know!

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