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Let's Talk Fiction

Let's talk fiction.
Do you ever read a novel and want to toss it on the floor and stomp on it? I had that feeling the other day.
I was reading a novel from a popular author that is both prolific, and, well, rich from his work. So you'd think the book would be good, right?
I wish.
I often work as a freelance editor for fiction writers and I usually can't turn it off when I'm reading a book for fun. So, of course, with this stinker my critic went into overdrive. What sends my stinker meter into the red? Here are some tips for new fiction writers:

Nix details that don't pertain to the story. If it doesn't move the story along, don't tell me about it. Period. Don't use overused descriptions. Please, please don't get your description ideas from a 1970's romance novel! If you describe someone as having "eyes the color of a stormy sky," "a doughy physic" or "cream-colored skin" go back to your keyboard and hit the delete key. Boring! Avoid describing the surroundings too much. Okay. I get it. You want to set the mood. Just please try to get your description done in less than a page-length. Kill heroes that whine too much. I want my hero to be human, but not a crybaby. 

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