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How to Package Your Writing Service as a Product that Sells

How to Package Your Writing Service as a Product that Sells

When you’re trying to create a product that people will love, you obviously need to provide the quality and serve the purpose. You also need to make sure that the product is perceived as a wonderful and beautiful addition to the world. Perception is absolutely massive as it can really influence what a person thinks, and that’s no different when you are trying to sell your writing skills.

Looks matter in terms of almost everything you do. The company itself, those involved, the online presence, and the product are just a few examples of what needs to have the right look and impression. Another important factor, though, is the way in which the product is presented to the customer. It may seem like such a small portion, but the packaging and the presentation are absolutely massive in terms of someone’s subconscious (and sometimes conscious) opinion.

It sounds pretty obvious now when you think about it, but if you bought something online, and it came in an ugly, dirty box, you wouldn’t be very appreciative, would you? How it’s delivered to you sticks in your head. That said, if you’re looking to sell your writing as a product, then you definitely need to get this part right. Here are a few fundamental things you should do when packaging your writing as a product.  

Make Sure Brand Is Visible

This is more of a marketing thing than anything else as you’ll need to keep that logo or that title lodged firmly in the customer’s brain. Having your brand more than visible on the packaging says to the customer ‘look at what we do; look at how good our products on – remember us’. Having your own style and way of packaging is also much more professional – you could use a generic box, but that wouldn’t make the customer view you as seriously. This is true whether you’re packaging your writing for customers as an ebook, creating a website to sell or services or creating content for social media.

Keep The Color Scheme

You need to have your own particular theme and style. It needs to stay consistent through all of the different aspects of your business. Whether you’re creating a website or creating a business social media account. If you have a completely different style that deviates; again, the seriousness and authority can drop a little.

Get In Touch With The Pros

Don’t be afraid to skip the DIY and go with a professional. For example, if you need a company that can properly do labels for you, then firms like Pro-Motion Industries, LLC are available to work with. A simple Google search will also help you if you need to find a web designer, graphic designer or artist to create business cards.

Make Sure It’s Legal

When creating products, all businesses have to think about the legal side of things. It doesn’t matter if you're a small business that’s just starting out, or more advanced, you need to meet certain standards. You don’t want any legal problems heading your way. Create a policy page that states your service guidelines so that potential clients can access them easily. Also, be sure you understand contracts and copyright laws.

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