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Hi, No-Fluffers.

Welcome to my blog. On my site you’ll learn how to build a successful writing career. If you want me to write for you, you can find information about that, too.

What is Hyperlink Publishing?

Hyperlink Publishing hires writers to create 1,500-3,000 word mini-books. These books are how-to guides and cliff notes on books and TV shows. The site offers writers two different payment options. You can either collect 20% royalties for life or take a flat rate of around $25 to $50. There is also a third option that appears from time to time. You can take 20% royalties for life plus a $20 flat fee.

The rates are low, I know, but it may be a good gig for times when you need filler jobs in-between clients. I think that's what I'll use them for. You can fill out an application here. If you decide to apply, use my name in the "How did you find out about us?" field. Yep, I get a small referral fee. I rarely ever post referral links, so I thought I'd do it this time. 

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