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Potential Writing Gig Site: What is Verblio?

Potential Writing Gig Site: What is Verblio?

I ran across a content producing site the other day that I hadn’t heard of: Verblio. It seems that they hire freelance writers to write content for their clients. I was surprised to find out this site used to be called BlogMutt. I wrote for them a few times a long time ago. Small world.

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What are they up to now? Here’s their job posting:

…in the mysterious land that we call the internet! Wouldn’t you like to make money writing fun and interesting blog posts? Talking about Italian coffee, finance, kayaking, and receive payments every Monday? Working with Verblio in Los Angeles The idea behind Verblio is very simple: write blog posts and get paid. You don’t have to spend hours looking for clients anymore! You can also work for Verblio if you are tired of writing the same old topics! The great thing about Verblio is that you can get a different subject every day thanks to their wide network of bloggers! There is more: Don’t you hate being on deadline? Writing under pressure kills creativity, not to mention that it feels more like a chore. That’s why there are no deadlines on Verblio! You write when you want and where you want! How much Verblio pays in Los Angeles Verblio will pay you when someone purchases your blog post. If you are a beginner, you might make around $18 per blog post. However keep in mind that the amount will increase as you get more points and take on longer posts! (Note from Alina: Points? What? The site says, “New writers complete short-form jobs to get started. By selling content and earning 5-star reviews, you'll earn access to longer and higher-paying jobs.”)You will get paid every Monday through PayPal. How do I apply for Verblio in Los Angeles? Follow this link to register. You can get to writing as soon as your profile is approved

Okay, that doesn’t sound too bad for beginning writers. Their pricing page says that they charge their clients:

  • $29.95 300 words

  • $59.95 for 600 words

  • $99.95 for 1,000 words

  • $209.95 for 1,500 words

  • $345.95 for 2,000 words

How big of a slice are the writers getting out of this setup? I went over to the site and asked their live chat about the pay situation.

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Here’s what they had to say:

“We pay invoices of any amount via PayPal every Monday. You are paid per post that is purchased by the customer. As you write more at Verblio, you will gain points in our system and get access to higher-paying opportunities at higher word counts. Pay starts at $10.50 for a 300-400 word post and beyond that, varies based on word length. We offer jobs from 300 to 3,000 words.

We'll be able to provide additional details on pay once you sign up.  

If you have questions about writing with Verblio, you can visit our prospective writer FAQ.”

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$10.50? Ugg. You should probably pass on this one friends unless you think you can churn out a post in 15 to 30 minutes. BTW, you probably can’t and will face burnout very quickly. Go for gigs that pay you more so you can write less and avoid your brain drying up like a grape in the sun. Need help finding those gigs? My No-Fluff Freelance Writing Starter Pack teaches you how I make $100 to $200 an hour at home as a freelance writer. Get it now for just $25.

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