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What is Ebyline?

I've been hearing a lot of good things about Ebyline lately, so I decided to investigate. Ebyline is a site that helps match writers with news publications. They claim to be a free service and only accept experienced writers. The process to apply was very simple, though each application has to reviewed and manually approved. This is the email I received after registering:

Thank you for registering with Ebyline!

We are currently reviewing your application and will respond shortly with a status update.

What's the next step? Once we approve your registration, you’ll need to complete the final step to be ready to work with editors through Ebyline.

What is Ebyline and how does it help Freelancers?

Ebyline offers an efficient way for qualified, professional freelancers, like you, to connect with editors in newsrooms across the country, and showcase your experience and work.  Most importantly, Ebyline offers a streamlined way for freelancers to get paid quickly and track transactions for their work.

Check out our Freelance Video to learn more:

Benefits of working with Ebyline:

* 100% FREE
* Get paid electronically when a publisher buys your story
* Create a profile highlighting your work experience and allow editors to find and assign you projects
* Eliminate the need to invoice publishers (Ebyline automatically sends those for you)
* Automate your record keeping, including archives of all pitches, assignments, sold projects, and payments received
* Get one 1099 at the end of the year for all of the content you sell through Ebyline (including assignments from publishers)

For updates, follow us on Twitter at: @ebyline or visit our blog at  Also, feel free to contact us directly at

We look forward to working with you.
The Ebyline Team

So, there you have it. Need more info? Here is a nifty video about the site:

Update: Check out my follow-up email here.

Update to My Ebyline Application

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