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30+ Sites that Offer Quick Freelance Writing Gigs

30+ Sites that Offer Quick Freelance Writing Gigs


There are websites out there that work as brokers between writers and clients. The client tells the site what they need, the site puts the offer in a queue and writers can snatch the gig up if they need some quick work. The site gets a cut of the profits.

Many people call these sites content mills, notorious for offering low pay to desperate writers. I don't advocate these sites as your one-stop-shop for gigs. Just use these sites to fill in holes in your income.

There are some good gig sites out there and, if you write fast, you could easily make a high per-hour rate. Plus, there's no need to search for clients, so it's quick money.

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Here are more than 30 to check out.

  1. Scripted: This is one of the best paying sites. Short posts are often go for around $50 after the site takes a cut. Some clients offer much more. They also work with big brands like eBay and StubHub.

  2. Contently: This site gives writers free, awesome portfolios and often assigns high-paying gigs. One of my gigs there paid $360 per article.

  3. DotWriter: You can get gigs on this site and also sell articles that you haven't placed elsewhere.

  4. Textbroker: I'm not going to say this site pays really well, but there's lots of work.

  5. If you have a degree, you can teach classes and make some good money.

  6. Article Document: I've heard good things about this site.

  7. Blogmutt: This site has a lot of really easy, fast gigs.

  8. Upwork: This is a site where you bid for gigs. Some writers love it, some hate it. To help you get started, this article about Upwork vs Fiverr will present an overview of how both platforms work, including their features and benefits. At the end of reading this article, you’ll be more familiar with both platforms and ready to start hiring a team of remote workers.

  9. Studio D: The editors tend to be picky, but you can write for some big companies through this site.

  10. Crowd Content: This site works with big companies like Best Buy.

  11. BKA Content: You must be able to write 2,000 words a week to be a member of this site.

  12. Internet Marketing Ninjas: No experience necessary to join this team. They will train you.

  13. Zen Content: This company was bought by IZEA, a company I have worked with before.

  14. Ebyline: Here is another IZEA property.

  15. CrowdFlower: You complete simple tasks and get paid. It's a crowdsourcing site.

  16. Express Writers: Great site for writers who know what content marketing means.

  17. Editor Group: Accepts editors and writers.

  18. Content Writers: 50% of every project payment goes to the writer.

  19. Content Cavalry: They are looking for looking for specialists in business, automotive, content marketing, fashion, grooming, health, nutrition and fitness.

  20. Writology: You can do client work and sell your own articles on this site.

  21. ClearVoice: "Our ClearVoice platform matches clients’ assignments with freelancers based on industry, pay rates and experience."

  22. Zerys: This site tends to have a lot of quick freelance gigs.

  23. WriterAccess: Super easy place to make a few bucks.

  24. Mediashower: They have, "Opportunities to advance to senior-level editorial positions".

  25. CopyPress: Pay rates are $.04-$.06/word. Not great, but if the work is quick, you may make some cash.

  26. Constant Content: "We currently work with brands like Sport Chek, zulily, The Brick, CVS, Walgreens and more."

  27. Pitchwhiz: A database full of the latest content calls from some of the biggest publications with the ability to send direct messages to the editors.

  28. Listverse: Pays $100 per listicle (list-based article).

  29. WordApp: Haven't tried this one, so if you have, tell us about it in the comments.

  30. WittyPen: "On an average, the writers in Starter level are paid Rs 1/word. We pay flat pricing for each content piece you write with an average word limit."

  31. Content Hourlies: The pay isn't close to great, but if you're fast it may be worth it...maybe...

Need more help finding clients and gigs. There's a huge section with step-by-step help in my book:

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