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What Do You Do When Your Computer Dies?

I faced every writer's worst nightmare. My computer died and wouldn't start back up. Luckily, it turned out to just be a damaged power cord, but it could have been worse. I've had lightning hit my laptop, for example. It fried everything! Here's my setup while I'm waiting for my new cable to arrive.

Yup. My phone, a wireless keyboard, headphones and a solar charger to power it all. It's awkward, but I'm at least getting work done.

Do you know what you would do if tragidy struck your laptop of desktop? How would you handle client work? How would you access your precious files?

Here are some tips to keep you working, even after a computer melt-down.

Start by getting a back-up device

First, you'll need a computer-like device that you can use to check emails, create articles and more. You probably already have a phone or a tablet that can do everything you need. Just download some apps to get you going, like Word or OneNote. Next, connect your search engine account with your device so you can access all of your bookmarks in the browser. Finally, if you connect with clients through Slack or another messaging system, be sure to download it to your device.

Save your files somewhere else

Thankfully, all of my files are saved on a My Passport Ultra 1TB external hard drive. All I need to do is plug my hard drive into another device and I'm good. You'll probably need to invest in a hard drive with 1TB to 2TB of storage. You'll be surprised at how fast they fill up!

If you don't like the idea of having an external hard drive, consider storing your files in the cloud. Google Drive is a good choice. Another good cloud storage service to look into is provided by Microsoft Word 360.

Have a power supply

Last night there was an ice storm and I wasn't sure our power was going to stay on. You can't exactly run your online business without electricity. When your laptop battery dies, you can move to your tablet or phone (like I am) but how will you power them when they die?

I highly recommend getting a solar charger like the Everything Tech Gear Solar Charger. It is currently powering my keyboard and phone with no problems and I'm not tethered to a wall charger. I'm using clean power, too, so I'm loving it.

Make things easier with a portable keyboard

I can type pretty quickly on my phone, but putting together an article is a nightmare using the on-screen keyboard. I have a wireless keyboard by ZAGG that syncs with my phone or tablet and it's almost full-size, so typing is MUCH faster!

Don't wait until you're in a predicament. Go set up your backup right now. You never know when you'll need it.

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