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Update on Tweeting for Money

In this post about tweeting for money I talked about three sites that offer you paid opportunities to tweet. Here are some updates on how I'm doing.

The first one I joined is called Sponsored Tweets. I have made payout ($50) twice now and a little bit more. The process takes me about two or three minutes each time, so it kinda feels like I'm making free money. 

The second tweeting for money site I joined was Magpie. I think I ended up making 11 cents. I couldn't figure out why my account never showed the amount it should have so I deleted my account with Magpie.

The third paid Twitter posting site I joined was MyLikes. MyLikes is pretty easy to use and you can also get paid for Facebook postings. They have no minimum payout, so I really liked that. I've made around $5 so far. No much, but it didn't take me more than a few minutes to earn, so I'm going to keep my MyLikes account.

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