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10 Ways Writers Can Make Money

Writing for Money by Alina Bradford

I see new writers asking on forums all the time, "How can I make money as a writer?" Well, I've decided to answer that question here- and no, I'm not going to suggest writing for content mills or other obvious places like magazines or newspapers.
Here we go:

Write your own ebook about something that fascinates you and sell it on your blog or using a Kindle platform. Lots of writers are have a lot of luck with this. Write Tweets and Facebook posts. I wrote a bit about this on my Tweeting for Money post.  Write sponsored blog posts. Check out Sponsored Blog Posts and IZEA. Write articles for online newsletters. I do this a lot and it brings in quite a bit of cash. Just look on job boards for companies that need newsletter writers.  Write product and book reviews for round-up websites. Another big money maker for me. The key is to review things that you love, so the writing is easy breezy. Become an affiliate blogger. This is basically writing blogs and then adding links to products that your readers may be interested in. If they buy the product, you get a cut of the profits. See? I did it to the right---> Write product descriptions for company websites. I have made fantastic money doing this. Do you have a background in advertising? Try writing slogans for companies.  If you like photography, pitch your photographs with your articles. I know, this technically isn't writing, but think of it as an accessory to your writing.  Like to travel? Write mini-guides for sites like Visual Travel Tours. Here's my Helena, Montana guide for an example.

There you go. 10 ways to make money as a writer that aren't the usual vanilla suggestions. Let me know if you think of any more or if you want more information on any of the suggestions. 

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