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Thinking About 2011 Goals...Again

So awhile back I wrote about my 2011 freelance writing goals. The good (and maybe bad) thing about making your goals so early is that you can rethink them over and over again.While I still like the goals I made back in November, I think I need to add a few more.
I've realized that a big money maker ($40-$100 per hour) will be coming to a close in 2011. This means I have to go into freelance job finding mode. In years past I've had no problem finding great freelance writing jobs. This coming year I'm making the job tougher on myself by giving myself guideline that works with my new motto: "Work a couple hours a day, then enjoy your life."
So, my new 2011 goals are these:
I will find some new gigs that earn around $50 per hour. I will only work two to three hours a day. is Hiring

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