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The 12 Steps to Becoming a Freelance Writer

how to get writing clips

how to get writing clips

Not sure how to start your new career as a freelance writer? In my book, The Fluff-Free Freelance Writing Master Course, I go over how to become a freelance writer in detail. I thought I'd do a post, though, on what steps to take, without the detail, so you can get quick overview of how to get started.

  1. Write posts on all of your favorite topics. You'll need at least three. Make sure they range between 500 and 1,000 words.

  2. Edit the posts until they are easy to read, spelled correctly and make sense.

  3. Post the articles on your own blog, LinkedIn or Medium. Congrats! You're a writer. Now, time to get some clients.

  4. Choose a niche, or two or three. Here's how.

  5. Create a resume. You may not have any publishing credits to list, so be sure to highlight any work experience that pertains to your niche. Also highlight things like typing speed, skills like being able to use Word and WordPress, turn-around speed, knowledge of SEO and anything else writing related.

  6. Start applying to ads looking for freelance writers in your niches. I post ads in my Facebook group to get you started and here are some other great places to look.

  7. Set up a business PayPal account. You may have heard horror stories, but PayPal is the easiest way I've found to take payments from all over the world.

  8. Plan for taxes. I run as a sole proprietor and use my name as my business name. If you want to use another name you'll need to register your business with the IRS. Either way, you'll also need to get an EIN assignment.

  9. As you garner more clips, be sure to save the links in an online portfolio that you can send potential clients to. I recommend creating your own site and posting your portfolio on the site. Here are some tips for making your website wow.

  10. Ask for referrals. Get clients to refer you to friends, business contacts and more to get new business.

  11. Get testimonials. After a project, ask your client to write you a testimonial and send it to you as an email. These testimonials can be used on your business' website to draw in more clients and make you look super professional.

  12. Be active in your community. Get out of the house and get involved in local charities and events. When people ask what you do for a living, tell them you're a freelance writer. Word will get around that you're a local writer and jobs will start coming to you. (Plus, helping others is a good thing!)

Need more help? Grab a copy of my book, The Fluff-Free Freelance Writing Master Course.

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