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Struggling to Make Your Name as a Writer? Here are Some Boosts

No matter how talented you are, there will be times when being a freelance writer can be tough. There's a lot of competition out there, and one fact of the writing life is that you have to accept rejection as part of the process. Still, there are always things you can do to improve your standing. With that in mind, let’s look to a few examples of how you can boost your writing career.


Bring in More People to Your Website

If you don’t already have a website for your writing business, you should absolutely get one. I use WordPress, but Wix is also a good option.

Your site should actively promote your writing with samples and examples, and also act as a determiner of your brand to a certain degree. Keep your colors consistent with your logo and keep your writing style consistent as well.

If you are starting to struggle with your writing career, one of the best things you can do is to bring in more people to your website. You can do this by employing the help of SEO services or just ensuring that you have plenty of interesting and original content on there. An email newsletter could also help to achieve the same ends.

Find an Agent

If you don’t already have an agent, you really might want to consider finding one. This is one of the best ways you can give your career a little boost, especially if you write fiction. Having an agent can make the whole process of getting your name out there and getting published much easier, and most writers find that it really is worthwhile.

You do need to make sure that you don’t settle, and that you find the right one for you. This means an agent who appreciates your type of writing and someone you can get along with on a personal level. You'll develop a relationship with them perhaps over many years.

Branch Out

It’s perfectly possible that you have spent too long writing on one subject, or that you could do with changing it up a bit with a new niche. While you might have one major love in writing, you are probably adept at more than one thing.

It is absolutely worthwhile trying to branch out every now and then, even if it's just to give yourself a break on your usual niche. It also allows you some practice, which is good for your craft, anyway. What’s more, it might well be that a publisher decides to take you up after seeing something slightly different in your portfolio. It’s always worth a go if you are struggling to get where you want to go.

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