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Pros and Cons of Hiring a Ghostwriter

Pros and Cons of Hiring a Ghostwriter Infographic

Pros and Cons of Hiring a Ghostwriter Infographic

Should you have someone ghostwrite content for your site? Here are some pros and cons from my point-of-view as a freelance writer.

Pros of Hiring a Ghostwriter

  • You can spend your time doing something else for your business

  • Your blog's content will always be professional and error-free

  • A ghostwriter can come up with topics or angles you may not think of

Cons of Hiring a Ghostwriter

  • You must spend time searching for the perfect ghostwriter

  • You must take the time to explain to the ghostwriter what you want

  • You may select a ghostwriter with poor writing skills

Should I Get the Ghostwriter to Write a Test Paper?

Many people think that they should test a writer by having them write a sample. A lot of professional ghostwriters (including myself) don’t do test papers. There are several reasons why. 1. We writers get burned often by people who want something for nothing. There are people that ask for “test” papers as a way to get writers to do free work for them. I’m sure you’re not one of those people, but a ghostwriter doesn't know you and most won't take the chance. 2. The writer’s credentials, clips and testimonies from past clients should tell you what you need to know about the writer without the need for a test. If the writer doesn't have any of these you don't want to work with him anyway. 3. For professional writers that have years in the business, and all of the credentials to back up their expertise, asking them to take a test is somewhat demeaning. You're starting a professional relationship out on the wrong foot. Trust your writer! 4. Writing a test paper takes time. Time is money. If writers wrote test papers for every client that asked, that would equal out to be hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, in lost time.

Need a ghostwriter with no cons? One that can get things done fast and professionally? One that has testimonials and a long track record of great work? You're on her website right now! Contact me and let's get to taking.

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