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A New Residual Income Site: Wizzley

I've been hearing a lot about a new residual income site named Wizzley. This new site looks really nice, so I gathered some information to share with you.

To make money with Wizzley you create content and add your Google AsSense code or Chitika code to your account so that you can get paid. You can also use their ad modules to add affiliate links, but they only accept Amazon, Zazzle and AllPosters.
According to the site, "After you have created 50 quality articles, your ad share will increase to 55%. After 100 articles we'll give you the maximum share of 60%."

You can also make money by recruiting. If you recruit new members you get a 10% share of the person's ad impressions. The 10% you earn comes from's share, so it doesn't take money out of your friend's pocket.

The best thing about Wizzley is that they have quality control. You don't see many residual income sites that actually have that.

Do you use this site? Let me know how you like it in the comments!

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