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King and Prince Resort: The Ideal Writer's Retreat

King and Prince Resort: The Ideal Writer's Retreat

During the month of May I had the pleasure of traveling to the lovely St. Simons Island on the coast of Georgia. While I was there, it struck me that this place is an ideal spot for a writer's retreat. Driving in, I noticed the blunt lack of commercialism. You won't find super stores or billboards lining the streets. What you do find is pretty island cottages in bright colors and homey shops that specialize in everything from mead and other honey products, like Savannah Bee Company, to fine glass art, like at Pain in the Glass.


Nestled in with these shops are fun restaurants that feature local cuisine that will blow your mind. I loved the delicious down-home food at Gnat's Landing and the gourmet delights at Georgia Sea Grill.


If you can make it past all of this awesomeness to get to the beach, you'll find the crown jewel of St. Simons Island, The King and Prince Resort. It's the only resort on the island with beachfront views and a great place for writers to escape to.


What I love most about King and Prince is there aren't distractions to get caught up in. Just sea and quiet in a historical building that is a member of the Historic Hotels of America and is named to the National Register of Historic Places. No neon signs. No crazy beach parties. No buildings higher than four-stories. Just the feeling of solitude, even when the resort is full of people.


When you're caught up in writing, you don't need to rely on fast food delivery. There is room service, but I prefer the completely lovely ECHO restaurant found on the first floor. You can choose to sit beachside at one of the picnic tables while you eat and write in your notebook, shaded by a large umbrella.


One morning I did just that, and it was blissful. The sand is white and the tides are incredible. Because of its location on the coast, the island's tides are massive and a fascination to watch while you brainstorm or daydream.


The inside of the resort is just as great for daydreaming. There are gorgeous stained glass windows on the second floor with a cute little sitting room where I found myself each morning. If you can't find inspiration to write while showered with morning light beaming through colored glass, we can't be friends.


There are other little sitting nooks hidden all over the property where you can write and relax. Here are just a few that I found.


Overall, the King and Prince provides just the type of setting that creatives need to think and write. I was fully inspired every day I was there.

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