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FlexJobs Identifies Entry-Level Remote Jobs for New College Graduates

FlexJobs Identifies Entry-Level Remote Jobs for New College Graduates

Remote jobs are available across career levels; Haynes & Company, Appen, and American Red Cross among companies recruiting entry-level remote positions.


Boulder, CO, May 8, 2018, Guest post—According to a recent FlexJobs survey, 98% of more than 500 students interested in work flexibility said that having flexible work is something they would want for the long-term. The top reasons for wanting flexible work are work-life balance, family, time savings, and cost savings. A quarter of students would be willing to accept a pay cut in exchange for flexible work options, and 75% report that work-life balance is more important to them than salary (71%) when evaluating a job prospect. To showcase the diversity of remote entry-level opportunities available to new graduates, FlexJobs has identified 12 entry-level remote jobs currently hiring.

“There’s a persistent myth that entry-level jobs usually can’t be flexible or that new professionals have to put in a lot of time in a traditional office before they can work remotely,” said Sara Sutton Fell, Founder and CEO of FlexJobs. “As we approach a new graduation season, we want to debunk that myth by highlighting the variety of entry-level remote jobs that are in fact available to 2018 college graduates,” Sutton Fell concluded.

The following 12 remote jobs span different industries and are appropriate for new college graduates seeking entry-level positions. In addition to remote work, each job may offer other types of flexibility, such as flexible scheduling, freelancing, or part-time hours.

Each of these jobs requires a college degree and a minimal amount of experience, which can include internships, part-time experience, or a bit of full-time experience, depending on the role.

  1. Digital Marketing Account Associate: Provide support of account managers and coordinators within campaigns for online advertising and work with 4 - 6 accounts to study and master best practices for SEM.

  2. English Teacher: Facilitate teaching activities for English students in this part-time, all telecommuting position. 6 month initial contract with a flexible schedule. BA degree or higher is desired, along with TEFL/CELTA certification or equivalent.

  3. In-Field Quantitative Market Researcher: Entry-level in-field quantitative market researcher desired for a flexible, remote role. Must be available to work evenings/weekends. Must have college degree, strong communication/organization skills, and the ability to work independently. Contract.

  4. Linguist: Write and edit grammar, phonology and other materials. Test and evaluate, and document. Requires good English language skills and native fluency in Sylheti language, as well as a bachelor’s degree. Telecommute, as-needed, contract position.

  5. Premium Auditor Trainee: Work from home and travel to businesses to review payroll and sales information for expired insurance policies. Full-time, some telecommuting role with travel. Must have computer and keyboarding skills, along with a valid driver's license.

  6. Primary Care Representative: Ensure customers are provided with nutrition samples and materials and educated on how to use them. A bachelor’s degree and 1-3 years of sales experience are required. One-year contract position is telecommute-based with travel required.

  7. Recruitment Specialist: Source candidates through various means, research new opportunities for networking and recruiting, conduct reference checks, and schedule interviews. Requires 1-3 years of experience and preferably a degree. Part-time with telecommute option.

  8. Service Support Specialist: Full-time job, some remote work. Travel. Needs an associate's degree and some biomedical industry experience. Provide support in defined territory, instruct customer in the operation, use and maintenance of the system and serve as a company liaison.

  9. ServiceNow Developer: Be responsible for designing, developing and testing enterprise solutions using a platform on BEAs ServiceNow. Will work with Business Analysts to improve the user experience and apply practices in Agile development. Work from home 50%.

  10. Software Quality Engineer: Temporary, full-time job. Needs a bachelor's degree and one year industry experience and experience with performance testing tools. Take part in overall testing requirements, understand requirements and will perform peer reviews of QA artifacts.

  11. Trauma Registrar: Part-time job, remote option. Varying days. Needs an associate's degree in nursing and licensed by WY Board of Nursing. Pays $25.79 an hour. Take part in monthly education, participate in trauma activities, compile statistics and prepare reports.

  12. Vaccination Program Specialist: Remote, full-time job. Needs a bachelor's degree and one year' safety management work experience. Responsible for auditing, management, coordination and planning, identify, analyze and trend exposures and will prepare monthly compliance reports.

New graduates should also avoid common job-hunting mistakes, such as being too vague in a resume or cover letter, not using social media in the search, not committing enough time to the search, stopping a search after getting a promising lead, and being inflexible about in your search.

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