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4 Retail Business App Ideas to Help Your Business Grow

There is no denying that owners of retail businesses are often trying to find innovative new ways of enticing customers to their stores. They might come up with some quirky promotions, for example. Or they might hold competitions for people to win a valuable prize if they do something like take a selfie with a particular product. While many of those ideas work to some degree, business leaders are still thinking of better ways to draw more folks into their stores and to ultimately spend money with them.

Given that many of us own a smartphone of some description, it makes sense to use them to your advantage. But, can you really get people into your retail establishment by communicating with customers via their mobile devices? In short, the answer is yes! If you’re not convinced, here’s a few ideas for mobile apps that you can develop for your business.

app ideas for your business

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1. Personal Shopper App

If you run a retail business that caters to the premium end of your market, you might be wondering how you can better serve your existing customers and entice new ones to your store.

One ingenious way of drawing people to your store with mobile app technology is with a personal shopper app. You can designate members of your team to be a customer’s dedicated personal shopper, helping them to select the right products for their needs. In short, you can offer your patrons a real 21st-century concierge service.

2. In-Store Product Finder App

We all know how easy it is to go to an online store and search for what we need. But, the same cannot be said about physically finding something in a retail establishment. You have to go to the trouble of finding a member of staff for a start. Plus, you have to pray they know what you’re talking about when you ask them for help!

Imagine how you could make life easier for your customers if you offered an in-store product finder app! Using iBeacon indoor navigation technology, for example, your app can visually guide customers to the aisles and shelves where they can find your products.

Mobile Point of Sale app

Another brilliant use of mobile app technology is to provide your customers with a way to buy goods in-store using nothing more than their smartphones. One well-known example of this is Apple store's POS app.

In a nutshell, you can use your iPhone to pay for items that you want from their stores without needing to carry around any debit or credit cards or cash. Such an innovation will save your store customers a lot of time and offer them extra security when they buy goods.

Store Loyalty app

Last, but not least, a simple way to draw in more people to your retail establishment is by offering your customers the opportunity to download your store loyalty app. It can incorporate bar code technology, allowing people to scan an item at the checkout for rewards.

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