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Think You're Your Own Boss? Think Again.

Freelance writers are supposed to be their own boss, right? I mean, the government considers you your own boss. Your mom considers you boss-free. Your best-friend envies your "free" status.
But if you write for clients or residual income sites are you really boss free?
Consider this:

Clients tell you when projects are due. Residual income sites tell you what you can and can't post. Clients control the subjects you write about. Residual income sites take a cut of your profits. Clients can cancel projects. Residual sites can go out of business. Both attempt to take as much rights to the articles as possible.

Now, you may be wondering what my point is. Well, since Google's Panda hit, more an more freelance writers have been turning away from typical client/writer residual site/writer relationships and started their own websites. 
With your own website you get to decide, well, everything. There's no one to answer to. 
Slowly, I'm moving over into the no-boss-for-real zone. I have a good start on my sites Defrazzle and Art Questions Answered. I also have several blogs that are doing well, including this one.
Are you in the no-boss-for-real zone? Do you want to be?

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