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The Psychology of Marketing Infographic

the psychology of marketing

the psychology of marketing

I'm always interested in the psychology of marketing, so I was super psyched when I recently got an email from Megan Wilson over at Ghergich & Co. Here's what she had to say:

Hello Alina,Just read your post, "How to Automate Your Social Media Accounts for Free", and I thought that your overview of sites like Klout and Buffer were really great for people looking to get more out of their social media accounts.

Our design agency recently released an infographic with Salesforce Canada. It outlines the ways emotions and cognitive biases influence purchasing decisions.

More than 64% of people who have stated they have a strong relationship with a brand said it was because they had shared values.

Each of the biases and psychological factors listed in the graphic offer clear, actionable tips for marketers to use in their sales marketing strategies.

Would you be interested in posting the infographic on your site?

My answer? Sure, Megan!

I'm sure you guys would like to take a look, right? Here it is, below:

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The Psychology of Sales Marketing

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