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Spatan Kelvin Scammer

Watch out for a scammer named Spatan Kelvin, aka, aka, if you use Craigslist. I was just contacted by him. Here is the email:


Thanks for getting back to me.. and I am sorry for getting back to you
so late.. My name is Sharon Kelvin I'm 25 yrs old.(FEMALE). I Am a
Native of Usa...Born Delaware. I'm fun loving,clean, caring and a
respective of others.

am very okay with the description as stated in your advert, i am a working
class, i work as an evaluator for one of our local recruiting organization,
So I Will Like To Be Your roomie Throughout My evaluation work.

I wil love to let you know my duration but,Now the company never told
me yet.They only told me to find a

suitable room for myself.But i Know it will be a Long term commitment.
Please let me know the total payment For the first month + the
security Fee, So I can inform them i got a

room and you will be paid instantly today with, via US cashier,Usps
Money Order or certified check from a reputable bank, the secretary of
the recruiting organization will mail out the payment for the rented
room via Fedex courier Next day Air service.It will take Within 24

hours For the payment to redeem into your bank account.
So Kindly get Back With The Below To Facilitate The Mailing Of
Payment To you Asap.

Full Name:---------
physical mailing address:--------------
Zip Code:----------------
Cell Phone Number:--------------
Home Phone Number:------------------
Total Amount for the deposit or charges:------------

If you have any AGREEMENT FORM for me to fill out,i will do that
on my arrival to your house because i don't want to fill any form online
For my physical signature will appear,But you can send it for
my review and i will get it filled physically on my arrival.

Note:.. The secretary to the organization will issue out the payment
for the deposit today as soon as you can get back with the above
info, So that i can be rest assured i got the

room..And Please Remove the Advert Because You i Am Renting the room.

Thanks. Cant Wait To Meet You.


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