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Social Media Marketing Tips: 10 Ways to Ace Marketing on Pinterest

Marketing on Pinterest

Marketing on Pinterest

Pinterest is often an overlooked social media site, but there's one big reason to implement a Pinterest social media marketing plan for your web content.


Hello Society found that purchases  originating with Pinterest average around $168.83 per checkout. That's almost double the results from Facebook and Twitter!

Are you convinced, yet? If so, here are 10 ways to kill marketing on Pinterest.

  1. Use the right image size. Posts that get the most attention use photos that are 735 x 1,102 pixels. Use a minimum width of no less than 600 pixels to get the best look.

  2. Get the aspect ratio right. According to Pinterest, use aspect ratios of 2:3 to1:3.5.

  3. Be creative with your product shots. Everyone has photos with white backgrounds. Get creative and place your product in fun places, then take the shot. For example, take a few photos of people enjoying your product.

  4. Don't pin every single photo from your site. People will get bored. Only pin amazing images.

  5. Don't pin all at once. Don't go pin crazy and pin a bunch of things all at once or your followers will be bombarded with a sea of images...and then they will unfollow your boards.

  6. Use bright colors. Bright colors catch people's attention.

  7. Don't just market. Don't just pin your products and call it a day. Create boards that will interest your target audience and incorporate your products. For example, I created this board for Goody hair products. Notice that the board is about creating hair styles, which is something their customers are interested in. I only pinned one of their products in the board to make it seem less commercial and more helpful.

  8. Interact! Make sure that you take the time to reply to comments made on your pins. People like following companies that offer a personal touch.

  9. Don't show everything. When pinning, make sure not to show everything. Make sure that people will click over to your site because they are curious. Learn more about this here.

  10. Boost who sees your pins. Give Promoted Pins a try.

pinterest ads

pinterest ads

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