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Hi, No-Fluffers.

Welcome to my blog. On my site you’ll learn how to build a successful writing career. If you want me to write for you, you can find information about that, too.

Researching and Building a New Blog

Currently, I'm building a new blog as part of my new campaign to build income that only I control. Unlike all my other blogs, I actually did research before I started. Here's my process:

My first step was to research keywords related to my blog's subject. I did this using Google's Adwords Keyword Tool. I looked at the keyword's competition, estimated CPC (cost per click) and how often the keyword is searched per month. This gives me an idea of what my readers will be looking for and how much I may make. I brainstormed for a name that is clever, memorable and uses a good keyword.  Then I did a web search for names that are similar. After I made sure that the name I chose hadn't been done before. I make sure that the web address is available.  If it wasn't available, I started from scratch.  The building of the blog happed once I worked out the name and the address. I picked colors, font, ad placement, etc. All of this will probably be changed a hundred times in the coming days. Now I'm designing a logo to make the blog more memorable. 

If you want to take a look at my progress, you can check out my new blog here: The Savings Spy 

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