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Ozio Media Sends Spam

In my last post, I talked about how writers should avoid Ozio Media because they have a tendency not to pay their writers. Now they are in the spam business, too. I've been getting emails from them like this gem:

There's no easier way than by creating a
content-rich money-making website on a topic you


Low-risk (This is the 'slow and steady' approach).

Get started for as little as $50-$100.

Takes only 3 hours a week to do.

Don't need a product to sell.

Make money doing something you love, living
anywhere in the world you choose to be.

Last month Nick Usborne made $4,447 with one of
his own money-making websites. Not an amount that
would impress Warren Buffet, but for us "regular"
people it's nothing to shake a stick at. Learn how
you can create your own money-making websites,
writing about something you love.

I took out the sales link, but it goes to their site. Each email I've gotten from them is a sales pitch, trying to get me to purchase some magic item that will make me a super successful freelance writer. Haha. Avoid this company like the plague. 

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