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The Outsourcing Solution For Startups

freelance life balance

freelance life balance

There is going to be a point during your startup career when you are going to have to look to other options. This may be to save money, to save time or to save on resources and staffing - all of which come at an extra cost which is hard to cover. When you are first starting out, expenses need to be reigned in in order to hold in reserve for when times get bad (don’t worry; almost everybody has this blip). The solution to this? Outsourcing.

Do You Need to Outsource?

You don’t actually have to outsource in some cases. You can get the job done a lot more quickly (and for free) within your own office. Buying software that automates processes can help. On the other hand, if you just simply don't have time to add another thing to your list, like installing and automating software, outsource. 

What Can I Outsource?

When it comes to outsourcing, you can get just about any job done by pretty much anyone, at any time. The quickest thing to do is hire an online service or virtual assistant. 

You may find that it’s easier to get something done overnight, in which case outsourcing to a professional in another country who is operating hours ahead or behind may be the best option. It’s certainly the most profitable option.

The things which are most commonly outsourced are:

  • Accounting work

  • Admin work (you can get personal assistants who are remotely located but can still do your office work for you - great for if you are a hot-desking style company)

  • Printing - have made their millions from being a recommended outsourced printing company

  • Graphic design work

Why Should I Outsource?

There are many reasons as to why. The main reason is the cost; it is a lot cheaper to outsource for particular jobs with companies who are constantly lowering their prices in a battle to win your business. Another is the functionality of it; you will never be able to get every single job done by yourself. As the leader of the startup, you have better things to focus on and invest your time in. Leave the other jobs to the professionals.

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