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Open Sesame! Baiting The Hook For Emails

Open Sesame! Baiting The Hook For Emails

An email blast has become one of the leading marketing methods for businesses and entrepreneurs. Why? It’s because an email isn’t as formal or intrusive as a cold call. When it lands in an inbox, there is no reason to open it other than to see what’s inside.


This is good and bad. Produce a quality structure with valuable content and a blast can revolutionize your advertising effort. On the other hand, make it boring and uneventful and no one will open it up and click-through. Emails aren’t effective if no one reads them, which is why you need to bait the hook. Here are four ways to open sesame if you've decided to start a newsletter or you like to send clients email updates or offers.

Catchy Tagline

Newspapers used to work in the same way when they were the powerful force in media. A bold, catchy headline dominated the front page and was the first thing anyone saw. Emails don’t have the same space, but they can still use this method to their advantage. After all, a small notification appears on mobile devices and concentrates a person’s vision. The trick is to use contrast. Take the headline and make it big and bold and then leave the rest of the text normal to grab their attention. Don’t use clickbait as it will turn your subscribers off.

Money Saver

Email marketers that are super effective are the ones who save their customers money. Think about how many Groupon promotions you get on a daily basis. Do they drive you around the bend? Usually, the answer is no because they have added value. You know the contents may be able to cut a restaurant bill in half, which is very appealing. Use this concept to your advantage by making sure there are promotions and discounts within your content. There is nothing shoppers like to see more than a bargain.

Correct Content

A platform for creating emails is essential to save money and time. However, the folks at says there is a problem. The issue is with entrepreneurs who sacrifice their content for an automated system. Sometimes, the text won’t fit right so changes have to be made, which people do willingly. Don’t make the same error. When the content doesn’t make sense, the whole email is a bust. It’s a far better option to find a provider that can work with you rather than against you. Https:// has advice if you need guidance.


A weak email can hide its flaws with the right multimedia. After all, some people just want to be entertained and watch a video. With this in mind, don’t be afraid to include anything which is engaging. For example, you can use gifs to underline the point in the same way does. Some emails are creative to the point where they spell out the message in emojis. The process of having to follow the clues is exciting to their audience. Of course, there needs to be some substance. Plus, everything should work in conjunction with the brand.


How do you get subscribers to open your email?

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