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My Number One Tip for New Freelance Writers

When I read advice given to new freelance writers I often find one major thing overlooked: how to get paid. My best piece of advice for new freelance writers is to sign up for a PayPal business account and debit card.
99% of the businesses that you will come in contact with will want to pay you either by check or by PayPal.  It used to be that all of my clients paid my by check, but that was more than five years ago. These days, only one of my many clients pays me by check. If you ask other freelance writers I think you'll find this a common theme.
Now there are many people out there with horror stories about PayPal, but I think if you establish yourself as a business right from the get go you won't have any problems.I've never had a problem. In fact, when someone tried to hack my account PayPal was quick to catch the sucker and protect my money.
Plus, when I use my PayPal business debit card I get cash back on purchases. Can't beat that!

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