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Living Life To The Max With Minimal Time

We all have some regrets, don’t we? We wished we spent more time with the children when they were younger, or we wished we started exercising before it got to the point where fighting the fat became a full-scale war, and we always need to fix up almost all of the rooms in the house! But things stand in the way, and it’s not just an excuse anymore. It’s a fact of life that we never can find the time to make little improvements on our lifestyles the way people used to. There are so many difficulties that can crop up, whether it’s finances, or family... or the fact that we’re too exhausted from working so many jobs or with so many clients to just get by. So what's the answer? By making a few tweaks to your lifestyle, you can make sure that you live your life to the full while freeing up some spare time and keeping fit.

Sound too good to be true? Read on…

Hack Your Exercise

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This is a big one for many people. Time to go to the gym is a luxury that we cannot afford, and the gym is likely a cost we cannot afford also!

What's the goal in exercise? Well, apart from losing weight, the scientific goal is to break down muscle tissue, so it builds back up stronger while also losing body fat. The best way to break it down is to place your body under pressure, which is why we lift weights, go running and so forth.

There are two things you can do to save yourself time. If you are after a good cardio session, the Tabata sprint technique has been used for a few years and falls under the High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) banner. The idea is to do a flat-out sprint for a short period of time, then rest, then start it again. If you want to build muscle, the Body By Science method of working out revolves around lifting weights slowly, with control, over a period of about 50 seconds, which inroads the muscle. The total workout should only last about 20 minutes if you exercise each part of your body properly, and the recovery time is about a week, giving you more opportunities to spend time at home.

Hack Your Home

Time is the biggest factor in making any home improvements, and while we all dream of taking a few weeks off from work to finally tackle our dining room, it seldom happens because life is so busy.

The solution? Hiring designers and people to do it for you. Granted, it can be a bit more of a cost, but if you start to put money aside, you can save up for a good-quality designer who will work with your vision. There are websites like who do just this type of thing.

By going with a reputable company who can deliver a swift turnaround on one room, you may be inspired to do the whole home! The worries that people have when they hire builders for cheap are usually about the quality of the final product, but if you work with a designer or a reliable company, you can put your mind at rest.  

Work From Home



Lastly, for those that don’t spend enough time with their family, start to work from home one day a week. Many workplaces now cater for their staff to work from home and it is very easy for other businesses to accommodate it. The lack of a commute that day can save you oodles of time.

What can you do with that spare time? Hang out with your family or pick your kids up from school. So many jobs and both parents working means that a lot of people don’t spend as much quality time as they should with their children, which means relationships suffer.

A day or two at home per week should start to make life more enjoyable for everyone. There can be some issues that crop up from time to time. However, this is a small price to pay for quality family time and an improved family life. It is probably more than a third of our life that we spend working, so you may as well try and work in a more comfortable environment.

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