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International Food Wine and Travel Writers Association Invite Food Wine and Travel Bloggers to Become Members

I just got this press release and I thought I'd pass it along to my readers:
Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida (February, 2012)
2012 is a going to be a great year for blogging. It's still one of the best tools in the SEO toolbox, and a great way to brand oneself. Professional bloggers command attention and lead a remarkable life influencing trends, creating benchmark ideas, giving readers some of the best information out there.
Due to the online media growth exploding over the last few years, blogging has grown in popularity and has certainly caught the attention of the International Food Wine and Travel Writers Association (IFWTWA). As a result, the board of directors is issuing an invitation to professional bloggers to join the IFWTWA.
According to Vice President Michelle M. Winner, "Simply put they are a great part of the new media landscape. But not all bloggers are professional writers. We'd like to offer vetted bloggers an association to grow and develop with. I'd like to think they have something to offer us too. A synergistic relationship is key with an opportunity for IFWTWA to welcome a new market and younger members. "
There are many benefits to joining a professional writing organization such as an investment in professional credibility and personal development; however the greatest benefit for the professional blogger might be in staying connected to fellow writers who are going somewhere, and don't mind sharing their knowledge on the journey. It's incredibly comforting to know that although a blogger spends a great deal of time alone in front of their computer; they are not alone on their career path.
Minimum requirements for to become an IFWTWA blogger:
1. Focus of blog must be food, wine, or travel, or combinations thereof (little or no off-topic posting);
2. Minimum length of time that blog has been active: 6 months
3. Minimum level of activity: twice (or more) monthly postings
"Most of the bloggers I've met fall into three groups: The first are established writers who blog to cover subjects not included in articles; the second are passionate about the subject and on a quest to keep discovering more and sharing; and the third are those just doing occasional posts. We welcome the first two groups as they represent what food, wine and travel journalists have done for years and believe they have much to contribute" comments Maralyn D. Hill, President.
Bloggers interested in food, wine and travel may apply at 

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