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I'm a New Business- How Can I Prove I'm Legitimate and Trustworthy?

More people than ever are able to quit their day job and set up their own business- a venture they are truly passionate about and can pour their heart and energy into. While this is fantastic, it’s certainly not all smooth sailing. As a new business you’re a small fish in a large pond and need to prove to customers that you’re worth your salt. In general, customers like to shop with sites and brands that they know and trust, as they are understandably wary of scams and bogus companies. So as a new, up and coming business you need to show that you are professional and will deliver on the products or services you advertise. Here are some of the ways you can go about showing potential customers that you are who you say you are, and persuade them to make their first order.

Online Presence


These days your company has to make a good impression online, no ifs or buts. Even if you’re a local business that doesn’t sell online this still applies to you. People looking for local services will be scouring the web, so your business needs to be visible or you will lose out on potential customers.

The first way you can be present online is by having a good quality website created. Unless you’re an expert don’t try doing this yourself, while many sites make it easy to build basic websites these days it can still look amateurish. Invest money into this part of your business- a smart, professional and fast loading website will show customers you’re a legitimate company that can be trusted. While anyone with a bit of computer know how can put together a basic website these days for a scam, a high quality site shows people that this is less likely and it’s a site that can be trusted.

Social media is another critical element to get right. A good following and responsive pages show you can be trusted. Social media is just one marketing strategy of many you should be considering, you can get more information from on this.

A smartphone app is another way you can be present online. This gives you a chance to get onto the phones of your customers and have your site and products just a click away. Plus, an app shows you’re legitimate since they have to be verified before being added to the app store. On top of this, scam websites wouldn’t go to the hassle or expense of having an app created, so the fact that you have one will reassure potential customers. There are lots of talented app designers online, take a look through some portfolios and find a designer whose work fits the image you want to create.

Finally, writing a blog is another way you can be present online, and again is something that a scam site wouldn’t go to the hassle of doing. A blog can help to grow your customer base, and plus it shows that  you also know what you’re talking about in the area you sell in. For example, if you sell clothes you could write about fashion and styling tips and advice, trends, celebrity looks and more.

Uniforms and ID Badges

If your business has a physical store, or your workers interact with clients or customers in any way (even via video chat), then uniforms are a good way to make your business look more professional. You can have a custom logo embroidered on things like tshirts, shirts and hats. You will usually pay an initial fee to have your logo added to the system, but after that you can order items of clothing for uniform whenever you like.  

An obvious point: the staff wearing the uniforms too should be behaving professionally too. Good training will ensure that everyone knows what they’re doing, how they’re expected to behave and how to respond to different questions and scenarios.

A Nice Workplace

getting an office for your freelance business

getting an office for your freelance business

If customers or clients ever come directly to your workplace, for example if you’re a shop or an office, you will want to make a good impression. If your customers are underwhelmed, they could easily go and find another company to shop with instead.

The decor and aesthetics of your office are important. Neutral walls look clean and smart and maximise the light, making the office look more spacious. Living plants add a decorative touch and allow it to look professional without being too clinical looking. On the plus side, they have also been shown to boost productivity in the workplace too. Choose nice furniture, and ensure the office is kept clean and tidy so that it’s both functional and looks nice too.

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