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Grab a Writer Does Have Jobs

Since I wrote my blog on Grab a Writer a few days ago, I've seen many writers claim that Grab a Writer is a scam and doesn't have any actual jobs. Well, I beg to differ. Today I was emailed a job opportunity for one of their clients. Here's what the job looked like:

Take a look at that price for 10 articles! I would get a whopping $2.50! Wow, somebody catch me because I'm about to faint at my good fortune.
As a writer, you can click on the magnifying glass to see the details of the project:

Sorry, I'm going to need to pass this up. Decline! Hopefully not all of Grab a Writer's projects are like these.
11/29/12 ETA: Yup, my rate was wrong in my profile. They want a rate per 100 words, not per word. I changed it just now. Click on the link at the top of this blog post to go to my original post about Grab a Writer and look in the comments. There is a post from a writer that got ripped off because of this.

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