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Go Pro with Marketing

The marketing industry is currently booming and with the evolution of social media, it’s never been a better time to get involved with digital marketing. Business is a competition and for a small businesses getting their foot on the ladder, your voice needs to be heard for your company to be a success. People are blogging, using Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to reach their customers and even now vlogging  (video blogging) to get their messages across. Apps are being developed at a rapid rate and all successful businesses should be utilising every free avenue they can get!With almost everyone now using smartphones and tablets, you can’t get away from technology and if you want to maximise your business, you need to think outside the usual marketing channels and get your head into social media. Working on a small budget doesn’t hinder you either, as some of the best marketing strategies are in fact, FREE! There are ways you can improve your business advertising and I’ve listed some of the best ways to get your content across to clients, customers and future business links.

  • Social media apps: Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook are all favorites for social media advertising. Using the correct hashtags on your posts and photos can give your company a reach it wouldn’t have managed with leafletting in the good old days! The best bit? These are free to use. You need to actually use the apps though, for your marketing to work. Try posting 1 to 2 posts on Facebook, 2 to 3 on Instagram and 1 post every hour or two on Twitter to get the best results. Using an automation system like StatusBrew or Crowdfire can be a big help.

  • GoPro: The GoPro is currently transforming the ad game as user-generated content has become a powerful force. There’s lots you can do to to implement it for your company so learn about it here. A GoPro allows for a full user experience so vloggers, bloggers and YouTube subscribers can create exciting, captivating content that gains a great audience.

  • Drones: Pairing a GoPro or a camera with a drone can create amazing user friendly videos. From estate agencies to wedding companies, a flying GoPro can create exciting instructional videos that brand your business as innovative! Check out the options on and see what you can find that works for your marketing strategy.

  • DIY Infographics: Powerful tools, these! People tend not to want to read pages and pages of content but sharp, to the point content in picture format create visual eye candy. They’re a fantastic information tool that give what the customer wants to know in small and pretty bites. With the fact these can be shared widely, they work well with social media and digital marketing techniques. has a great tool for making infograhics for free.

  • Prizes: People love winning and they love presents, so having your company market a campaign that offers prizes for likes and shares is important. The reach on these contests, especially on social media, is massive!

Some companies love back-to-basics marketing of business cards and billboards and these methods are still common and popular today. However, the birth of new apps and content sharing sites is on the rise and companies need to keep up with digital options to be able to stay current. Going pro with your marketing often means thinking creatively, after all, that’s what marketing is all about!

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