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Freelance Writing Gig: ClearVoice Review

Freelance Writing Gig: ClearVoice Review

If you’ve been on the freelance writing scene for a while you’ve probably come across “content mills” that pay writers a few bucks per article. These sites have a stall of writers that churn out articles for their clients, not particularly concerned if the writers can pay their bills or not. There are the few diamonds in the rough, though, like ClearVoice.


From what I’ve seen, writers get paid well for their work and the site supplies writers with a free portfolio, much like Contently. (The site literally scans the internet, though, and adds new clips to your CV with your approval, which is pretty awesome. )

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It’s been around for four years, so it looks like it’s not going anywhere.

Here’s what I know.


Writers seem to get paid so well because they get to choose their rate. Yep. You get a say. And don’t worry about pricing too high. They have bigger clients that are willing to shell out a more money for good content, it seems. Some of ClearVoice’s clients include Carfax, Cabela’s, Esurance and Lifelock.


There are two ways you can make money on this site. Clearvoice matches you with clients depending on your niche and you can pitch clients who are looking for article ideas. I pitched a client and got a gig right away. I’ve been matched with several clients, but haven’t gotten a gig that way yet.

Pay Day

What I like most is that you get paid on acceptance. There’s no waiting around. If you don’t use PayPal you’ll need to make an account, though.


Unlike other sites, ClearVoice allows you to talk to the client through a message board so you can be sure about what your clients needs. This is a big advantage over other middlemen sites.

Overall, I really like this site and I think that writers can really benefit from joining up.

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