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Freelance Jobs: What is Antiques Republic?

I recently got an email from Sheena, an administrator of the Antiques Republic, that included writer's guidelines. I don't write about antiques, but I thought I'd share and excerpt of the letter for any of you guy that do. BTW, the I bolded areas for clarity.

"What do you get in submitting your articles?
•Your articles will be posted at our Ask the Expert section giving you a more reputable status.
(To view an example, check out
•Links to your websites or your profile will be displayed on every article pages you have for FREE.
•Generate more traffic for your site for FREE as thousands of people get to read your articles.
•You'll get to have your own profile page containing your credentials giving the right publicity you want
Simply submit your articles at sheena @ Just include details for your profile and attach your best photo. Topics are anything about antiques. No minimum words required.
There's more!
Sending your articles will automatically qualify you to our Share and Earn! program. 
What is Share and Earn?
It is like a question and answer section. Customers post question and offer a certain amount for it. If you think you know the answer, just post your reply and if your answer's picked by the customer, you get paid instantly!
Your answer will be kept in our site and if it's picked again by another customer, you get paid once more. Think of it! You get to have constant source of income from a single answer posted."

I'm not sure I'd call this a freelance job, because you only get paid if your answer is chosen, not for your articles. Sounds too iffy for my tastes. Proceed with caution, and as always, feel to post your experience in the comments section.

Freelance Jobs: What is

Freelance Job: What is