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Don't Tweet with the Crowd

best tweet time I've written 100s of tweets for my clients, but I had never been a big user of twitter for myself. Until recently.

No doubt, you've seen a lot of infographics that say that you should tweet from 1 to 3pm to get the most views. While the most people may be using Twitter during this time, that doesn't mean your tweet is getting any notice.

My daughter told me an interesting story that she learned at school the other day. Fish swim in large groups because staying in a group makes them less likely to get eaten. The predator won't be able to decide which one to eat if they all look the same and swim together.

The same is true for your tweets, or any social media post. If you are doing the same thing as everyone else, readers won't be able to pick you out of a group. People widely believe 1 to 3pm is the best time to post, so Twitter feeds are going to drowning in posts. Your post may get a few more glances during this time, but I doubt many people will click because there are too many choices.

This is why I post when experts tell you not to. Your post stands out! When I was doing tweets the "right" way I wasn't getting any likes or follows. As soon as I went against the flow, things started to happen. With each tweet I have gained at least three new followers.

Merry Christmas!

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