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Demand Studios Scares Me

So, last week I was over at Demand Studios website wading through the overwhelming pile of crap titles because work's a little slow this month. I lucked out and filled my queue with articles on art. My favorite subject.

Days past and the titles lingered. One by one I set them free, back into the green and murky pool of the title list.

In the end I didn't write a single article for Demand. Why? Because Demand Studio scares me.
There. I said it.

The very thought of having to deal with the copy editors gives me hives. Sure, most articles go through without a glitch, but then there's always that one where you get a copy editor that wants you to do something that is so stupid you rather stick your hands in a hot toaster than to edit one word of your article.

It's the waiting for this inevitable stand-off that gets to me I think. I can't take the waiting. It never happens when you're looking for it, ready for it. It only seems to happen when you're having a good day. Then, wham! You're out for the count.

Yah, I'm thinking I'm just gonna go do some more marketing to fill up my extra time. No more DS for me.

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