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Best High-Paying Freelance Gigs of the Week: October 7, 2019

Best High-Paying Freelance Gigs of the Week: October 7, 2019

Want to make more money as a freelance writer? The only way to do it is to either get more clients or better clients. With that in mind, here’s this week’s best freelance writing opportunities. As always, these gigs pay at least $50 an article, offer a full-time salary, or pay more than $20 an hour. They are also all remote jobs (also known as virtual jobs or work-from-home jobs). This means you can do the work from anywhere you want.

Note: I don’t know anything about these positions other than what I post. I weed out the seedy looking ones, but it is your job to be diligent when applying. Also, please don’t message me with questions about the postings. If a link doesn’t work the posting has probably been taken down because the gig has been filled. If you have a gig for freelance writers that pays at least $50 a peice or over $20 an hour, please contact me and I will include your gig in next week’s post.


Pay: Full-time

More information: MediaBistro

Freelance Writers for SEO Company

Pay: $0.12-0.15 per word

More information: Craigslist

Technical Writer

Pay: Full-time

More information: Dice

METRO, A CNET Content Solutions Platform

I don’t know much about this platform, but I’ll research it, so keep an eye out for my review in the coming weeks. I used to write for CNET, and they paid well, so I hope their Metro platform pays well.

Sourced from MediaBistro:

Hop on METRO and advance your career as a successful freelance writer or editor. 

METRO is a fast-growing content development and data services platform that handles categorization and content needs for a range of major online retailers, with new projects being added often. 

Our community of writers and editors takes on the task of researching, writing and editing copy. METRO forum access lets freelancers collaborate, ask questions and succeed. 

We are currently looking for experienced writers and editors to join our ever-evolving community. New members should be capable of passing a basic English comprehension test and possess above-average writing ability. Skills are tested via a general writing test that demonstrates the ability to follow instructions and craft engaging sentences. Passing tests are paid. 

Skilled writers advance quickly and are given the ability to train for new badges, higher pay and the editing credential. Veteran content editors are available and ready to provide thorough feedback and assistance, and fellow writers can often be found on the forums.

METRO makes payments through PayPal (must be a verified account) three times a week (Monday,Wednesday,Friday) on all approved submissions. The only exceptions are holidays.

Sign-up is as simple as heading to to register and check METRO out. All you need is an email address and the will to make money as you gain skills.

Hop aboard METRO Now! 

Freelance Tech Writer for App Developer

Pay: $50 per article

More information: Craigslist

Culture Writers for Video Scripts and Research

Pay: “Pay is $350 for researching and writing a video script, or $250 for compiling the research for a writer to take on the script.”

More information: WiseCrack

Freelance Writer - Consumer-Focused Articles

Pay: $25-100 per article, 800 word article is usually around $50

More information: Craigslist

Celebrity and Pop Culture Writers

We’re a digital media technology company with a focus on helping publishers build, brand, and grow their audience and monetization. Our current focus is helping scale content production across multiple verticals.


We are looking for writers who can dedicate 2-4 hour shifts, at least 5 days a week for a fixed number of articles generated each day in the areas of celebrity, entertainment, TV and pop culture.

1) Solid writing experience especially in social/shareable media in celebrity, entertainment, TV and pop culture – please make sure to include your portfolio when you contact us

2)1-5 years of writing experience in various full-time and freelance positions in the US publishing market

3) Being a native English speaker is a must. Bonus: Bachelor’s degree from a US institution

4) Willingness to be beta testers and partners for the platform, providing feedback and helping grow the product

1) Understanding of SEO, social media marketing and online content promotion


You will be compensated on a per article with a predetermined number of articles expected each week. All content produced will need to be within the guidelines provided.

To Apply

Please send resume and writing links (at least 3-4) for stories published in celebrity, entertainment, TV and pop culture to Please answer the following questions - applications without responses will not be considered:

1) Please briefly describe your background and journey into freelance writing?
2) What are your main pain points with the freelance writing world?

Bonus Questions:
1) Please describe an issue & solution on a product/process you successfully helped implement in your previous roles?
2) As a freelance writer please describe your ideal employer engagement or offering (i.e. what a freelance employer offers to you or helps you do with their solutions)?

Sourced from We Work Remotely

Personal Finance Blogger

Pay: “The compensation will be $100 for research projects and 100-300+ per research blog post (at 10 cents per word, with 1,000 word minimums).”

More information: ProBlogger

Technical Writer

Pay: Full-time

More information: ZipRecruiter

Technical Writer

Pay: Full-time

More information: Dice

Technical Writer

Pay: $55 an hour

More information: LinkedIn

Content creation project for a leading retail and wholesale trader of luxury goods

Pay: Full-time

More information: LinkedIn

Seeking freelance writers with an expertise in sleep science, product reviews, diet, health, consumer finance, and more!

We’re looking for skilled freelance writers to work with us on our myriad of client projects. If you like writing, seeing thousands of people read your writing, and working with a fun team that sends you a steady stream of interesting article topics, then you’ve come to the right place.

We're looking for writers in ANY niche, but we especially need writers who can write about:

• Sleep science and health

• Product reviews, especially mattresses and related product info

• Personal finance

• Retirement planning

• Consumer credit and debt

• Keto, Paleo, and other health trends

If you're a great writer who has expertise in other topic areas, we'd love to talk to you, too!

So if you like writing and hate having to constantly look for new client projects, read on.

Who You Are

• You’re a great writer :)

• You’re confident working independently, and don’t want to or need to be micromanaged.

• You’re punctual—deadlines are not options for you.

• You’re proud of your work. You want to work with us to create articles that will rank #1 on Google and be read for years.

Benefits of Writing with Growth Machine

• Good pay for good writing. We’re not looking for someone to bang out dozens of $50 articles.

• A steady stream of projects. Most of our writers have been with us for months, and we constantly send them new client projects. Some of them have stopped writing for other clients entirely since we have so much work to send them.

• A fun team. You’re not a faceless freelancer, you get to join our Slack and see the kinds of results your writing is driving for the sites its being published on.

• Learn some SEO, too. We’re one of the leading SEO-focused content marketing agencies, and by working with us, you’ll pick up a lot of our SEO skills yourself.

To apply:

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