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Annoying 2000s Tech We Kinda Miss

After the world sighed a breath of relief after the whole Y2K thing, everyone re-embraced shiny gadgets and the wonders of online browsing. Tech has since rocketed past anything ever imagined. There’s still some things we miss from the 2000s, though, even though they were less than amazeballs, even back then.

1.      Chat Rooms

They took forever to log into and you never really knew who you were talking to. There was always the chance you weren’t talking to 14-year-old Annie in Ohio and were actually talking to 40-year-old Andy from Orlando.

Today, most chat rooms have been replaced by subreddits and arguing in Facebook comment threads. Admit it, though, you miss being able to log on and find people to chat with at 2 a.m. on a Tuesday when your girlfriends refused to text you back.

2.      AOL Disks

They were the little demons of direct marketing. These little disks always tricked you into thinking you got something cool in the mail with their fancy packaging. Then, you’d rip it open to find a disk. To install AOL. As if.

AOL disks

AOL disks

Now just a glance at Pinterest will tell you just how valuable those little disks are. Who knew you could turn them into disco balls for your parakeet’s cage or into ironic drink coasters. Now you kind-of wish you still got 50 AOL disks in the mail each week, don’t cha?

3.      Dial-Up

Remember what dial-up looked like?

Remember what dial-up looked like?

Remember that screeching, humming, squealing type sound that came out of your modem, like, when you logged on to the internet and stuff? Remember the overwhelming relief that came when it stopped and you realized the connection was completed? Yah, that kind of zen just doesn’t happen with the high-speed connections of today.

4.      Polaroid i-Zone

Back before you were able to post selfies to Facebook, there was the Polaroid i-Zone. This sweet camera printed pictures on stickers you could share with friends. Of course, it took an entire pack of stickers to get one photo crunk enough to give to your crush. It was nice having a tangible photo, though, and it would be nice to be able to stick your friend’s faces somewhere than on Instagram.

5.      GameCube



GameCube was the bomb when you wanted to game with your peeps back in middle school. You didn’t have to blow on a cartridge or ease them in just right to play Mario. It had disks! Then you realized that all the cool “grown-up” games were on Xbox and PlayStation.  

Now, as grownup that has an Xbox or a Playstation, those days playing Mario Kart seemed so carefree. Wii just can’t replicate that feeling.

6.      Napster

Hear a great song on the radio, but don’t have the cash to buy the CD? No worries! Back in the 2000s there was Napster. You just went to the site and downloaded the song for free.

Sure there were rumors floating around that it was illegal to download stuff like music off the internet, but it who cared? Free music! And it took forever to find the full song that wasn’t just music recorded off the radio, but who cared? Free music!

Those were the days! Napster got shut down and now the only places you can download free music is from skeevy websites that infect your computer with malware.

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