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5 Tools To Become A Successful Online Writer

5 Tools To Become A Successful Online Writer

You've decided you are going to launch your career and become a writer, but not just any kind of writer - a successful online writer. For any profession, there are tools one needs to thrive in their role, or devices at least that enhance a persons' performance to get the job completed to a high standard. If you're in the middle of figuring out what you need to help you on your quest to become a great writer, below is a non-exhaustive list.

Grammar Checker

To begin with, each writer has their own strengths. Some are meticulous about their grammar but struggle to write content that engages the audience, and others are awful at grammar but have the gift of knowing their writing voice to entice customers to read on. Whichever writer you are, it's important not to assume your grammar doesn't require a second look over. When you write content for any medium, if readers spot sentences that are difficult to read, or words that are misspelled, it could mean disaster for your credibility. And so, you should consider leaning on a spelling program such as Grammarly or Ginger with every piece you write. Grammarly is a good option but if you can't afford premium version of it, you can check grammar on Prepostseo for free.


You’ll need a desk and a chair, ideally somewhere quiet in your home, without distraction so that you can concentrate on your writing in peace and quiet. And, it needn't be an expensive set-up, as you can purchase some furniture from a second-hand shop or if you're stuck for cash use your dining table for now.


There's no need to go out and buy an expensive PC or laptop, so long as it connects to the internet, it will work just fine for launching your writing career. If you don't have one already, you may want to prioritize purchasing a laptop first. This is because a laptop holds a lot of advantages over the PC. The biggest one being you can pick it up and plant it anywhere to work. This is especially handy for those who like to move around as they work or those who prefer to visit different locations to source inspiration for their pieces.

Planner and Paper

In this digital age, it may seem a bit retro to write on paper, but sometimes it can be a nice fresh break from typing to scribble your thoughts down, especially when your PC/laptop is at home. You should use your diary to set out what you should be doing each day of the week to progress your writing. Such as one week you may decide to focus on launching a blog and planning your writing schedule. The next week, you could take a look at setting up a portfolio of written work to send to businesses. Where possible, keep a backup of your plan and to do's on your phone/laptop too, just in case you don't have one or the other with you.

Cloud Services

Once your writing career begins to kick-off, another tool you will need to consider is purchasing cloud services such as is to store, protect, and back up all of your work. Keeping all of your work on your PC or laptop alone can be quite risky. For instance, if your device was stolen, damaged, or stopped working altogether, it could mean you lose all of your creative writing and progress to date!

Becoming a great writer takes time, dedication, and perseverance to get through the writer's block, the self-doubt, and the rejected applications. And so, using the tools at your disposal is essential to enhance your writing and provide you direction on where you're heading next.

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