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5 Reasons Why Your Best Employees Might Leave Your Business

5 Reasons Why Your Best Employees Might Leave Your Business

So you’ve finally hired some other writers to take some of the client load off your shoulders. Everything is going great, at least you think it is…

Quitting a job is a big decision for any employee to make. It’s definitely one that none of them takes lightly. All employees have good and bad days, but when a member of your team begins seeing more and more of the latter, it could push them to leave your business behind. In the working world, improving staff retention is just as important, if not more so than attracting new talent or clients. With that in mind, here are five reasons why great employees might leave your business. 

1. Inadequate Tools

All jobs require certain tools. Sometimes, these are as simple as a pen and paper, but in many circumstances, a big tool that is missing is guidance on how to complete work. As talented as your staff may be, they’re going to struggle to do their jobs properly if these essentials aren’t provided, which is sure to cause frustration. Whatever it is that your staff need for their jobs, make sure that that give it to them. 

2. Unreasonably High Workload

While most entrepreneurs bring on staff to lighten their own workload, you shouldn’t pile theirs high. If you haven’t hired enough people to take on client work, you should try outsourcing some work. The managed IT services, which you can find at, for example, would free your IT staff from network support. We can only take so much before completely burning out, so avoid pushing your team to that limit. 

3. Cluttered Work Environment

The environment in which we work is incredibly important if you have staff that work on-site with you. As well as having an effect on our moods, it plays a big part in creativity and productivity. If you give your staff a dirty and cluttered space to work, then it will begin to cause problems. Because of this, you should clear out any clutter the business no longer needs and hire a maid to keep the space clean and tidy. 

4. Outdated Staff Policies

Staff policies aren’t put in place for no reason. However, that doesn’t mean that the purpose of certain rules is a good one. While banning staff from using their phones might seem an effective way to keep them productive, it could cause more distractions. After all, most will want to check their phones even more. Regularly updating staff policies will help you keep up with the times. 

5. Poor Compensation

Everyone deserves to be paid a fair salary or wage for the work they do. If your staff discover that they are being compensated less than the average, it will make them feel unappreciated. Because of this, you should always try to meet or exceed this figure. When you don’t have the funds to do this, there are other ways to provide compensation. Take a look at the ideas at

Hopefully, with the advice above, you can improve staff retention in your business. 

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