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4 Sneaky Ways to Find More Freelance Writing Work

Tired of the usual job finding tips for writers? Yah, me too. I follow a lot of blogs and they seem to have the same advice over and over again. So, I decided to write a post about some of my favorite "undercover" job finding methods.
Follow companies you would like to write for on Twitter and Facebook. Watch their feeds for clues that they may need new talent, such as posts stating that they are expanding or opening a new site. Watch your friend's LinkedIn updates. When they join a new company, ask if they know of any openings for writers. Better yet, have them recommend you for a position. When a writer mentions who they write for in a forum post, Google the business. Check the site's job page and see if they have openings for more writers. Follow editors on social networks. When they move to a new publication, send them some pitches that will work for the magazine or website.

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