No-Fluff Freelance Writing Starter Pack

No-Fluff Freelance Writing Starter Pack


My No-Fluff Freelance Writing Starter Pack teaches you how I make $100 to $200 an hour at home as a freelance writer. It includes my two information packed books, a social media marketing guide for writers, invoice templates and more.

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Just starting out as a freelance writer and want to cut the bull and get to the money making? Save time building your freelance writing business with the ultimate No-Fluff Freelance Writer Starter Pack.

When I was starting out as a freelance writer, I had nothing. I felt fear rise up every time I realized I didn’t have something I needed that professionals would have. I need to write up a contract? I don’t know anything about that! Write code that prevents people from stealing my posts on my blog? Uh, sorry, I’m not that smart. Draw up an income spreadsheet for my taxes? Oh crap.

It took me years to gather together all the templates, spreadsheets, job hunting knowledge and more that I needed to run a successful business.

I don’t want my No-Fluffers to go through all that. So, I gathered it all together into one amazing collection. I would have given up my morning caffeine for this when starting out. (This is serious, folks!)

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The No-Fluff Freelance Writer Starter Pack is my 20 years of experience crammed into one enormous, glorious package!

The collection includes:

  • Client contract template so you don’t need to worry about drawing one up

  • The Fluff-Free Freelance Writing Master Course Workbook : The only course that gives you concrete, actionable information to building a successful freelance business without any fluff.

  • The No-Fluff Guide to Writing Web Content: From articles to blog posts, all the information you need without any fluff crammed into one awesome book.

  • Cover letter template

  • Ghostwriting proposal template

  • Invoice template

  • No copy coding for articles and blogs (prevents crooks from stealing your work)

  • An exclusive look at a resume that got me a gig at a huge company making $100 an hour

  • Printable expense and income spreadsheets

  • Example cover letter

  • Exclusive information to help you market your business on social media

  • Article quality checklist to insure your articles are top-notch

  • Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) takedown template letter

  • How to Be a No-Fluff Writer video

  • No-Fluff Guide to Finding Freelance Writing Jobs

  • No-Fluff Manifesto wallpaper for your laptop and phone

  • How to Write an Article: The No-Fluff Way Cheat Sheet

  • The Ultimate Social Media Tool Kit for Freelance Writers 

Order now. The kit will be delivered immediately to your inbox. Talk about instant gratification!

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If this doesn't have everything you need to become a successful freelance writer, let me know what you need and I'll give you a 100% refund.


I'm worried about you! Don't wait to get this pack until you need a contract, invoice or DMCA letter template Asap. Take advantage of this price break now and have everything you need, ready to go at a moment's notice.