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Let a content writer with 20 years of experience teach you everything you need to know about writing articles and blog posts that will dazzle clients.

As a freelance writer for more than 20 years, I’ve seen some stuff. Rough, sad web content in the form of articles and blog posts.

That pains me.

Your audience should get what they came for!

So, I put together my new book. It contains my best tips for writing awesome content, and even some tips for building your brand. My goal is to build you up with the knowledge you need to go out into the online world and dazzle potential clients and readers, alike.

This book includes:

·         A step-by-step guide to crafting articles and blog posts from start to finish.

·         Everything you need to know about SEO to make your clients, search engines, and you, happy.

·         Spelling and grammar tips to keep you typo-free.

·         Lists of free reference sites where you can find expert quotes and quality research.

·         A content checklist so you can make sure that your articles and blog posts are 100% ready for readers.

·         A list of the 20 best sites for finding free videos, photos, maps, graphs and gifs for your content.

·         And more!

How to Get Started as a Writer Without Clips Video Course

One of the questions I hear so often from new freelance writers is:

“How do I get writing gigs if I don’t have any clips? And how do I get clips if I can’t get any gigs?”

It seems like a catch 22, but you can overcome this obstacle and create an amazing portfolio by following the guidance of this class.

This is the same technique I used to create a portfolio that helped me snag big name clients such as MTV, CBS, eBay, Zappos, Yellow Pages and many more.

The class will cover how to create fresh clips, even without a gig and how to organize a beautiful portfolio...for free.

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Everything You’ll Find in My Office

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