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You’re a Freelance Website Writer, But That’s Not All You Are

When you’re a freelance writer for websites, life, overall, is pretty sweet. You can pick your clients, pick the best time of the day for you to work, and all around be in control of your life. However, there is a downside to freelance writing. It’s not always possible to bring in as much cash as you’d like. If you’re relying on just a few clients for the bulk of your money, then you’re just a couple of small admin changes away from feeling the pinch. But there’s good news: you’re not only a writer. You have plenty of other skills that you can use to bring in the cash.

Check out the examples below.


working at home

You’re not just banging keys all day: you’re researching, editing and proofreading as well. As a result, you’ll be a talented editor, even if you haven’t thought of yourself as such before!

Take a look online, and you’ll find that there are plenty of people who need help editing their short stories and articles. Sometimes, it’s only when we read what other people are writing that we learn just how much writing talent we actually have!

Post your services on online classified pages, and wait for them to find you. It might not provide a full-time income, but it will top up your income.

Internet Knowledge

If you’ve been working online - in this case, writing - full-time, then you’ll know more about the internet and how it works than the vast majority of people. By taking your existing knowledge and topping it up with more education, you could become an SEO consultant, which could be considered the fastest way to make money online. You’ll be working with multiple clients, helping them to achieve their goal, just by providing the knowledge that you already have (mostly). And with most companies eager to improve their search engine ranking, you should be able to find plenty of work.

marketing online

Reusable Content

How many words have you written over the course of your writing career? How many nuggets of information have you uncovered? I imagine the answer to both questions will be: lots. But how many are simply filed away, never to be heard of or seen again?

Well, it’s time to get digging.

You could have plenty of content that could be reworked into videos, ebooks, new articles and more. All of these sources could provide added income, and all you’ll have done is given your old content a new lease of life. Just make sure that you still own the copyright to the work.

Part Time Work

There aren’t that many freelance writers that work 40+ hours a week. As such, you’ll likely have some spare hours throughout the week. Make the most of them! Getting part-time work can make a real difference to your income, and can also provide some new material for that book you’ve been planning to write….


In the end, remember that there are new opportunities everywhere! See what’s available, and get to boosting your bank balance.

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