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Where to Find Expert Quotes and Facts for Your Articles

When you write a good article you need expert opinions and data to back up your topic. Where do you find all of these knowledgeable people? Good question! Here is a quick list of places I go when I need information for my articles:

Profnet- I use this site the most. You type up a note about what type of person you need and Profnet sends it out to people that may be interested. ExpertClick- You can find press releases, experts and news stories at this site. TravMedia- Do you write travel pieces? Then this is the site you need to join. NewsWise- NewsWise can send you the latest press releases and list of expert contacts to your email address. They specialize in health, science and life news. Game Press- This is the go-to site for video game information. You can get contact information for gaming experts here, as well as news and press releases. Association of Food Journalists- Foodie writers can find leads and information for food trend articles on this site. Help A Reporter Out- This site is a lot like Profnet. The members are very closely knit, so you'll get help from other reporters, as well. Reporter Connection- I haven't used this site, but it looks like it works much like Profnet.

How's My Suite's Earnings?

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